Meet our lovely team!

Katie - All round bra genius and boob whisperer

Favourite part of the job: “Making people’s day when I get them in the right-sized bra for the first time in their lives.”

Tipple of choice - Espresso Martini or a Bailey's coffee!  

Go to bra - One of the best styles for a petite 28 back Asher by Cleo

Karolina – Technical whizz and organising genius

Favourite part of the job: “Getting an order in from overseas for a special bra that someone has spent months searching for.”

Tipple of choice – Spinach smoothie

Go to bra - Elegant and practical Raffine Lace Plunge

Marie – Katie’s brain basically

Fave part of the job: “When mums and daughters spend some bonding time buying bras together.”

Tipple of choice - Black Russian

Go to bra - A gorgeous timeless piece perfect for a small cup Embrace Lace Bralette

Danielle – Font of all knowledge and fitting expert

Fave part of the job: “Helping someone get their confidence back after breast cancer surgery”

Tipple: Cosmopolitan

Go to bra - Trendy, yet comfy, a great bralette for larger cup sizes Snapshot

Sadie – Chief photographer and Social Media guru
Fave part of the job: “As a keen sportswoman it’s great to get women in a properly fitting sports bra, I know what a difference it makes.”
Tipple: Green tea
Go to bra - Can't get enough of Wild - A smooth plunge T Shirt bra with a J hook to go under an array of tops, AND it's leopard print!

Eva – Katie-in-waiting and fashion advisor
Fave part of the job: “Cocktails on a Friday night.”
Tipple: Moscow Mule
Go to bra - Anything that can also be worn as outerwear - Especially lacey longline bralettes!